3D printing

An indication of the cost of 3D printing is:
– FDM printing €0.25 per cm3
– SLA printing €0.65 per cm3
(exact price depending on your specific printwork).
FDM printing is suitable for most 3D printing. Additional information see 3D printing/Materials and techniques.
This price is based on a well-delivered, digital 3D drawing. (for specifications for this see What do you deliver?)
(JVS-3D can also work from an idea or sketch; in this case, ask for more information and a quote)

Start-up costs are € 10,-
Shipping costs depend on the weight and destination.

Product design

Cost of the project depends on the size and complexity.
Alternatively, we can work in the region of the client for a fixed hourly rate of € 70,- .
Prototyping and 3D printing are calculated separately and if desired in advance in the quote.
Contact us for more information or request quote via contact.


The terms of delivery will be emailed to you on request, contact you by e-mail or by contact.