Product design

What can JVS-3D do for you?

  • Design process from a sketch or an idea to a producible and working product
  • Advice on reduction of the cost price of the end product
  • Advice regarding material selection
  • Creative thinking about possibilities: also about functionality, external design and other aspects of your design and production process
  • Designing plastic injection molds: JVS-3D is specialized in designing single- and multi-cavity moulds

Product design

For developing a technical product or making strength calculations you have come to the right place at JVS-3D. A design must be feasible, the design must be ready for production. The product must comply with the predetermined schedule of requirements . From the first design phase, suitable production techniques are considered. How can the product be produced as efficiently and cheaply as possible, which materials are most suitable, JVS-3D can advise you to achieve the desired goals.
When a design is ready, you can a digital 3D drawing a 3D prototype (or parts) can be printed. It is also possible to make a photo rendering already in the design phase; this produces a beautiful, realistic “photo” even before the product is realized.

Mold design

JVS-3D is specialized in the design of injection molds . It is essential that all mold parts are reliable. It must be able to withstand high pressures and temperatures that play an important role in the design of an end product, and careful consideration must be given to the exact requirements of the end product. JVS-3D thinks creatively with you; not only about a correct design, but also about possibilities to save costs in the final production.
This can be single molds , intended for the production of a plastic product in small series or trial series. , or multiple molds for mass production, where several plastic products come out of the machine at the same time

Photo rendering

Photo rendering is a visualization of a 2D design. A 3D drawing can already give a nice picture of a design. For a presentation, for example with your customer, a beautiful, realistic “photo” can be a perfect addition to present your design powerfully. Using photo rendering a real-life impression of the design is created.

How do we work?

JVS-3D takes the time to discuss your assignment , location in consultation. Then a quotation will be made in which the different phases of the project are discussed. After approval of the offer the next step is to work out the idea. An initial concept is discussed with you and further elaborated on the basis of your input. This is how we work from concept to final product .
JVS-3D can make a prototype of the product and, if desired, test for functionality . By using photo rendering, JVS-3D can create a real-life photo of the product even before it is produced, for example to use for marketing purposes.
In the production phase JVS-3D can give guidance with the manufacturing of the required tools and the product.

What does it cost?

JJVS-3D is a one-man business, with its office and industrial space at home. This means that a competitive price can be made for your project.
The costs for the project depend on the size, complexity and other such aspects of the project. Alternatively, we can work in the region of the client for a fixed hourly rate. Prototyping and 3D printing are calculated separately and if desired included in the price in advance.
More about the rates can be found under Rates .
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